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Complimentary Phone and Tablet PC Set Up

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Free Device Set Up at Participating Wireless Toyz Locations

Wireless ToyzEvery Wireless Toyz location strives for superior customer service and is proud to represent national wireless and mobile carriers such as:  Verizon, T-mobile, Cricket, Virgin, AND Boost Mobile!  As a part of our customer service experience we also offer complimentary phone service plan comparisons and set up.

The Wireless Toyz staff is highly knowledgeable about the wireless products and services that we offer and will get your new device set up with the features that you need.  When you purchase a Smartphone or Tablet PC between November 25 and December 25, you will receive complimentary and informative set up of your device that you come to expect at one of our stores.  Just in time for your holiday gift giving!

The setup of a new device from Wireless Toyz can, at times, consist of moving your old phonebook information to your new phone for you in minutes, transferring your current and archived text messages, pictures, and ringtones.  We can even print out pictures “stuck” in your camera phone.

Blackberry Playbook tabletAvoid the nightmare of losing all of your contacts by having your Wireless Expert save a back-up of your phonebook in our store. It’s always a good idea to have a back-up in case your phone is ever destroyed or you decide to switch carriers.

Not sure if you are getting the best value out of your wireless service?  At Wireless Toyz, a Wireless Expert will analyze your cell phone bill and determine how you can save money on the features you use most in your plan.

Only Wireless Toyz has Certified Wireless Experts that can provide you with a complete understanding of the products and services available to you.  We will work with you to find the rate plans and devices that suit your unique needs and we’ll be happy to show you how our wireless products and devices can conveniently fit your lifestyle. If you have any questions about cellular technology, a Certified Wireless Expert will be on hand to assist you, every step of the way.

At Wireless Toyz, we offer a real cellular relationship, and we’re always available to answer your questions.  Your Wireless Expert at Wireless Toyz is trained on all of the products and services we offer, and we can help you every step of the way, from phone demonstrations to rate plan explanations to helping you choose the right accessories and of course make sure you are set up before you step out of the store!

Ideas For The Perfect Holiday Gift

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Wireless Toyz

With so many mobile phones, accessories and wireless services available, it may seem impossible to choose the perfect gift for the person you care about.   A Wireless Toyz Gift Card allows you to give the hottest technology while letting your friends and family choose the gadgets they really want.  We offer gift cards in all denominations that can be used it to buy accessories, cell phones, smartphones, tablet pc’s, to pay a bill, or even re-load minutes for pre-paid cell phones.

Cell Phone Exchange

If your uninsured phone is beyond repair, many companies will expect you to pay full-price for a brand-new replacement to finish out your contract. At Wireless Toyz, we are always purchasing our customers’ gently used phones, so we have them available to you at a fraction of the cost.

Mobile Phone and Device Insurance

It’s always smart to protect a wireless device purchase, and your phone is no exception.  Your cell phone may encounter bumps and bruises that require it to be repaired.  Should this happen to your phone, or to the phone of someone who is on your holiday gift list, we encourage you to visit a Wireless Toyz location to learn more about our Cell Care program.

A Creative and Appreciated Gift

You can be confident in giving a gift certificate from Wireless Toyz because we support our products with great customer service and follow up care.  Remember for a quick gift that will leave a great impression with someone you care about, stop into Wireless Toyz location today for your holiday gift giving and gift cards.

The New Normal & the Wireless Consumer

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Today it seems like everyone is connected. Studies show a huge migration to smartphones where portability, functionality, and entertainment are the minimum requirements.  From April 2010-March 2011, major handset makers launched more than 120 new smartphones.Smart Phones - Wireless Toyz

(From CTIA 50 Quick Facts ctia.org/advocacy/research/index.cfm/AID/10381)

When you consider that most family plans make it more affordable to give kids cell phones than a landline, it’s no surprise that some experts claim there is over 100% market penetration.

According to Dave Takushi, a Wireless Retail Area Developer in St. Louis, there is a whole segment of consumers termed “value seekers.”  Given the current economic environment, employers and consumers from the middle-class (white and blue collar alike) are seeking connectivity at a great price, without long term contracts.   To accommodate this group of no-contract consumer, Takushi has created an opportunity to partner with Cricket Wireless.

Samsung Admire Coming to Wireless Toyz

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Samsung Admire - mobile phoneMetroPCS has released yet another Android handset.  The Samsung Admire is a fairly standard Android smartphone, featuring an 800MHz processor and a 3.5 inch screen HVGA (320 x 480 pixel) display, with a 3.2 megapixel camera.  The new smartphone does run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, so you can get all the latest games and apps that run on Android.

If you are thinking of an early holiday gift for a loved one, this phone would be great for a high school or college student who is challenged with a busy schedule but needs all of the android phone capabilities.

The Admire can be used with MetroPCS’s unlimited plans which start at $50.00 per month.  If you would like to test drive the phone prior to purchase you can visit any one of the Wireless Toyz location near you.

Here are some important specs for the Samsung Admire smartphone:

  • Device type : Smart phone
  • Data > CDMA Data: 1xEV-DO rev.0
  • Date Released : 22 Aug 2011
  • Form Factor : Full touch
  • AKA : Samsung Admire SCH-R720

Mid-range Android devices always have a place in the market even while high-end devices like Samsung Galaxy S II are still present and very popular.  There will be people who need to have common features for daily mobile phone usage outside of the additional entertainment features.

Wireless Toyz offers the Samsung Admire as another popular Android device with pretty good features and functionality.  We encourage you to visit a Wireless Toyz location near you to determine if you “admire” it or not.

Carriers and devices vary by location. See store for details.

Samsung Transform Ultra Coming to Wireless Toyz

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Samsung Transform Ultra sliding phone introduced to Boost Mobile & Wireless Toyz lineup

Samsung Transform Ultra - Courtesy of CNET.comThe Wireless Toyz smartphone lineup announces the arrival of a new Samsung Transform Ultra.  Though similar to the standard Transform, in many ways it appears that Samsung has worked out a quite a few of the problems that were present in the first production of the Transform.

For example, the Transform Ultra offers the new 2.3 Gingerbread OS while the original Transform is only shipped with the 2.2 FroYo.  This new features grouped with a standard 800MHZ Samsung processor that ranges up to a 1GHZ snapdragon should help eliminate much of the delay and slow loading time that many people seemed to be unhappy with in the first generation. The Transform Ultra will surely take the step into the 4G age, so there is another plus for those lucky enough to embark into the 4g coverage area.

A few more upgrades appear on the phone such as the battery life, and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.  However, there also appear to be a few instances in which functionality has replaced some of the “luxuries” of the first generation Transform, such as the downgrade from a 3.2MP camera to a 3.0MP camera.  On a positive note regarding the camera feature, the smaller picture size can be shared more quickly on the new Transform.

Samsung Transform Ultra Sliding Phone Specs:

  • Dimensions : 116 x 61 x 14 mm
  • Size : 3.50 inches
  • Weight : 4.90 ounces
  • Type : GPS
  • Navigation : Yes
  • Type : TFT Technology ( Capacitive touch screen )
  • Resolution : 320 x 480 pixels
  • Light sensor : Yes
  • Colors : 262 144
  • Threaded SMS messaging
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB Connectivity options
  • Video Calling Feature
  • Multimedia:  Video Playback, YouTube Player, and Music Player
  • Accelerometer
  • Full Keyboard (QWERTY)

Carriers and devices vary by location.  Please see store for details.

Free App’s for Blackberry Customers

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Research in Motion, Blackberry’s operating manager, is giving away $100 worth of free apps to make up for the three day outage they had recently.

The ‘app giveaway’ will affect their bottom line (to the tune of billions of dollars), however it is an attempt to end a mass exodus of customers from the supplier to another carrier and thus they are trying to be proactive.

The free apps will be rolled out over a four week period and will be available for download until the end of the year.  In addition, Enterprise customers get a free month of technical support.  For more information, visit http://www.blackberry.com/enterpriseoffer

Just A Few Of The App’s Being Offered

•Bejeweled – Electronic Arts

•N.O.V.A. – Gameloft

•Texas Hold’em Poker 2 – Gameloft

•Bubble Bash 2 – Gameloft

•Photo Editor Ultimate – Ice Cold Apps

• SIMS 3 – Electronic Arts

•iSpeech Translator Pro – iSpeech.org

•Drive Safe.ly Enterprise – iSpeech.org

•Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant – Vlingo

•Nobex Radio™ Premium – Nobex

•Shazam Encore – Shazam

From The CEO

“Our global network supports the communications needs of more than 70 million customers,” said RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. “We truly appreciate and value our relationship with our customers.  We’ve worked hard to earn their trust over the past 12 years, and we’re committed to providing the high standard of reliability they expect, today and in the future.”

“We are grateful to our loyal BlackBerry customers for their patience,” added Lazaridis. “We have apologized to our customers and we will work tirelessly to restore their confidence.  We are taking immediate and aggressive steps to help prevent something like this from happening again.”

BlackBerry Network Outage Leads To Greater Safety

One positive effect of the network outage for users was that there were fewer automobile accidents while the Blackberry network was down.   In Dubai, it was reported crashes were down 20% in the three day period.  Also, BlackBerry is offering a free app called: DriveSafe.ly Pro – iSpeech.org, to help curb the texting and driving obsession.

Back to School Wireless Deals

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Wireless Toyz would like to give you a breakdown of suggested phone types and plans by age group.

Ages Eight and Under

For children under eight we suggest adopting a pay-as-you-go phone plan to help begin teaching them the responsible way to use and manage a phone. (Yes, there are many under eight that carry a phone these days!)  The pay-as-you-go phones are pretty durable, easily replaceable, and teach the management of call minutes and text messaging.

Ages Nine to 12

Between ages of nine and twelve a good phone with call and texting features can be found from most popular providers for around $30.00 and monthly plan that includes unlimited texting and phone usage for about $10.00.

Ages 13 and Up

Students that are ages thirteen and up will be begging for the popular smart phone.  Entrusting this type of phone to your child can sometimes be a little tricky.  Here is why.  On average, smart phone pricing begins at a few hundred dollars and a good deal is considered to be a buy in price of about $200 for a decent model.  The cost for a monthly data and voice plan for the phone can start at $30.00 per month. Some parents elect to add their child to their existing plan to help enforce limits and restrictions on use and availability of the phone features.

School Policies and Responsible Use

Most school policies are sensible in that they permit children to possess and use cell phones during the school day as long as the phones are turned off during class sessions and do not interrupt the normal course of a class.

However, breaking these rules may result in a phone being taken away from a student.  Likewise, the parents may also be responsible for removing access to the phone per the request of the school.  We strongly recommend reviewing the cell phone policy of your school with your student prior to the start of the new school year.

Expert Advice for Your Wireless Device

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Plans, Phones, and Great Service at Wireless ToyzConsumers sometimes view the purchase of a new phone or a change of a phone rate plan to be an experience that only should happen once very few years.

The team at Wireless Toyz encourages you to consider stopping by one of our 65 locations throughout the United States to speak with a certified Wireless Expert.  Here are a few reasons why:

#1 Improvement to Wireless Carriers

Wireless Toyz offers the top carriers in the Wireless Industry, such as:  Verizon, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, Cricket, AT&T, Clear, Revol, and T-Mobile.  These carriers haveWireless Carriers offered by Wireless Toyz different and new plan options that may be a better fit for your lifestyle and phone needs.  Some of these improvements include:  expanded service areas, faster internet connection speed, network speed upgrades, improved customer service response times, and much more.

# 2 New and Reliable Phone Accessories

Wireless Toyz not only carries the top carrier brands and phones; we also provide an unmatched selection of accessories for your cell phone and smart phone.  Popular accessories that our customers find valuable are:  Leather Pouches, Memory Cards, Phone Chargers, Portable Chargers, Snap On / Clip On Covers, Bluetooth accessories, and more. 

#3 Expert Wireless Advice

Our staff at Wireless Toyz is trained in the set up and use of all of the equipment and accessories that we carry and will happily take the time to train you on how to use your new or existing phone or device at one of our many locations.

From knowing how to turn on your new phone or device, to transferring your phonebook, to setting up your mobile email the experts at Wireless Toyz are here to assist you.

When visiting a Wireless Toyz location, our trained staff will provide an unbiased opinion of the product and plan that would be best suited to your needs.  What better way to choose a cellular plan and/or phone than a one-stop shop?

#4 The Convenience Factor

Wireless ToyzSometimes, you are so busy that even paying a bill on time can become a challenge.  That is why Wireless Toyz offers the ability for you to conduct your payment at any of our locations.  Even if your bill is due the same day, we offer same-day bill processing to ensure that you will not receive any interruptions in service.

Perhaps your phone needs specialized service or even repair.  Wireless Toyz offers on-site phone repair and service at all of our locations throughout the United States.  We encourage you to visit one of our locations if your phone or wireless device is in need of repair.

The New Motorola Photon 4G now available at Wireless Toyz.

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Motorola Photon 4G - mobile phoneThe new Photon 4G is the latest handset from Motorola to hit the Android market. Based on the new WiMax technology, the Photon 4G is powered by the latest version of Google’s Android operating system (Gingerbread) and boasts 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GBs of storage and 4G network connectivity.

So, what does this really mean for the average cell phone user? It’s pretty much a “superphone.” The Photon 4G is probably the fastest phone on the market allowing you to watch movies, browse the internet, view documents and run multiple apps without interruption. Motorola claims the Photon 4G is up to 10 times faster than phones on 3G networks.

Lightning fast downloads, incredible graphic performance, uninterrupted connectivity all make the Photon 4G tops in mobile entertainment. Download Motorola’s exclusive webtop and now you can view your games, photos, movies on any HD screen. You’ll get the complete functionality of your phone and a Firefox web browser. With webtop’s multiple window capability, you can see and work on more things at once- watch Hulu, YouTube, and take advantage of Google Docs, Gmail and more. Work and play anytime.

With an 8 MP camera, digital zoom and dual LED flash you can capture the best moments in a picture or video and view them on the Photon’s vivid 4.3” screen.

If you’ve been waiting for that handset that does it all, this is probably the one. It comes with a kickstand, but the optional accessories like the HD Station, Wireless Keyboard or Vehicle Navigation Dock make it an indispensible device for entertainment, travel and communication.

Visit your local Wireless Toyz for more details. http://www.wirelesstoyz.com/locator.php

Blackberry Playbook a Great Business Tool

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Blackberry Playbook tabletRIM’s long awaited Blackberry Playbook has finally hit our shelves and it was definitely worth the wait. If you are Blackberry fan, you will surely want to check out this tablet. It looks good, it feels good and if you are in a position where presentations are essential to closing the deal, you need this device.

Whether you are presenting in PowerPoint, pictures or pdf, moving from page to page or app to app is as easy as swiping your finger across the screen. The battery life is a little less than its competitors, but on the plus side it comes with Flash Player 10.1.

The downsides are minor if you are looking for an executive style Tablet and really love your Blackberry. It doesn’t have an external USB port, the music app is a little quirky, and the number of general apps is pretty limited.

However, on the plus side; it’s very intuitive, it pairs well with your Blackberry and comes with some great business tools like Adobe reader and the Documents to Go suite. Image quality is great, and the Webkit browser is decent- YouTube and Flash games videos play virtually stutter free. The camera is average, but takes good pictures and very suitable for most shots.

One of the main features of the Playbook, that sets it apart from other tablets, is the ability to connect it to your Blackberry device. Once you download the Blackberry Bridge software from Blackberry’s App World, your Playbook works as an extension of your phone. You get access to your email, calendar, contacts, memo pad and tasks- now on the large tablet display. Depending on your wireless provider, you can even browse the web using your existing Blackberry Smartphone’s data plan.

If you are looking for a big brother to your Blackberry handset, this tablet is what you need. RIM is constantly updating apps and tweaking the system. If you are looking for the WOW factor, you may consider checking out the other tablets on the market.

iTriage: A must-have app for smartphones

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Every once in a while I get an email forwarded to me that actually contains valuable information- so I had to pass this one on.

How many times have you had a quick question about how to treat a burn or a bug bite, or wonder if that rash is more than a simple allergic reaction? When you are on vacation, do you ever wonder where you would go if you needed medical assistance or had an emergency?

iTriage is a fantastic healthcare information software product introduced by Healthagen, LLC; developed by two emergency room physicians.

Drs. Peter Hudson and Wayne Guerra introduced iTriage to give healthcare consumers crucial information in acute care settings:

  • Information on more than 300 symptoms, 1000 diseases and 350 medical procedures
  • A nationwide directory of hospitals, urgent cares, retail clinics, pharmacies and physicians
  • Turn-by-turn facility directions from GPS, IP address or zip code locations
  • Nurse advice lines
  • Detailed quality reports from HealthGrades on hospitals and physicians
  • Help negotiating medical bills through an iTriage partnership with one of the most respected claims adjudication organizations
  • Emergency Room Wait Times for hospitals in select parts of the country

For more information and to download the app, click here:


Do you suffer from “mobile” rage?

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Do you feel like people talking on a cell phone next to you invade your space? Are you angered by the kid in the theater texting during the movie? Is talking on a phone in the bathroom offensive to you (even if the person is using a hands-free device?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might be suffering from “mobile rage.”

FOX Business just posted some interesting stats:

A recent survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by Intel Corporation (INTC) and Ipsos found that 75% of respondents feel mobile manners are worse now than they were a year earlier, and 91% report seeing someone ‘misuse’ their mobile device in the past year.

The top pet peeves reported were using mobile devices while driving (73%), talking on a mobile device loudly in public places (65%), and using a mobile device while walking on the street (28%).

So which are you- a sufferer or a contributor? Or has technology broken down the walls of etiquette and privacy?


Cell Phone Recycling Kiosk

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If donating your cell phone to charity or recycling it for cash was as easy as dropping it into an ATM type of machine, are you more likely to do it? With only a small percentage of cell phones being recycled annually, this may be a great option. Consumers can choose to get cash back or make a donation to a charity of their choice.

There are currently only a handful of these ATMs around; so in the meantime, recycle your phones at Wireless Toyz.



Motorola hits the Oscars 2011

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It’s Oscar night again.  For the nominees, it means a night of glamor and gift bags.  For manufacturers and designers it’s a fight for the chance to have their products seen in the hands of a celebrity. You can’t replicate the buzz or buying frenzy a product gets from being seen with the likes of James Franco or Natalie Portman.

There are bags for presenters, bags for nominees, bags for the “losers”, bags for the winners, bags for their pets, you name it.  They contain everything from artwork to jewelry to gadget. This year’s gadget: the Motorola Xoom tablet. But it’s not just any Xoom Tablet off the shelf. This year’s nominees for  best actor and actress, best supporting actor and actress, and best director categories will have the privilege of taking home gold ones.

The Motorola Xoom (available in black for the rest of us) features , a 10.1 inch 720p HD screen, a rear facing fully functioning HD camcorder and 5mp camera with LED flash and digital zoom and a webcam on the front. Android operating system. See it in use from their booth at CES , courtesy of CNET.


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