The New Normal & the Wireless Consumer

Today it seems like everyone is connected. Studies show a huge migration to smartphones where portability, functionality, and entertainment are the minimum requirements.  From April 2010-March 2011, major handset makers launched more than 120 new smartphones.Smart Phones - Wireless Toyz

(From CTIA 50 Quick Facts

When you consider that most family plans make it more affordable to give kids cell phones than a landline, it’s no surprise that some experts claim there is over 100% market penetration.

According to Dave Takushi, a Wireless Retail Area Developer in St. Louis, there is a whole segment of consumers termed “value seekers.”  Given the current economic environment, employers and consumers from the middle-class (white and blue collar alike) are seeking connectivity at a great price, without long term contracts.   To accommodate this group of no-contract consumer, Takushi has created an opportunity to partner with Cricket Wireless.

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