Back to School Wireless Deals

Wireless Toyz would like to give you a breakdown of suggested phone types and plans by age group.

Ages Eight and Under

For children under eight we suggest adopting a pay-as-you-go phone plan to help begin teaching them the responsible way to use and manage a phone. (Yes, there are many under eight that carry a phone these days!)  The pay-as-you-go phones are pretty durable, easily replaceable, and teach the management of call minutes and text messaging.

Ages Nine to 12

Between ages of nine and twelve a good phone with call and texting features can be found from most popular providers for around $30.00 and monthly plan that includes unlimited texting and phone usage for about $10.00.

Ages 13 and Up

Students that are ages thirteen and up will be begging for the popular smart phone.  Entrusting this type of phone to your child can sometimes be a little tricky.  Here is why.  On average, smart phone pricing begins at a few hundred dollars and a good deal is considered to be a buy in price of about $200 for a decent model.  The cost for a monthly data and voice plan for the phone can start at $30.00 per month. Some parents elect to add their child to their existing plan to help enforce limits and restrictions on use and availability of the phone features.

School Policies and Responsible Use

Most school policies are sensible in that they permit children to possess and use cell phones during the school day as long as the phones are turned off during class sessions and do not interrupt the normal course of a class.

However, breaking these rules may result in a phone being taken away from a student.  Likewise, the parents may also be responsible for removing access to the phone per the request of the school.  We strongly recommend reviewing the cell phone policy of your school with your student prior to the start of the new school year.

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