Cell Phone Study Buddy

Here’s an interesting concept; a website that works like a virtual study group. We all know most teens don’t go anywhere without their cell phones. They are over scheduled, on the go, and let their thumbs do the talking.  So it’s not surprising that the traditional after school study groups have gone by the wayside.

But what if there was a way that teens could study using their favorite device, still share ideas with classmates and squeeze it in between all of their activities? Check out this site:  https://www.studyboost.com/

How cool is it that students can make their own study guides (batches), get 2-way quiz questions by IM or SMS, and set up groups with classmates to share and chat about it?  It’s not limited by subject or number of users. You can share publicly or with your group.  You can text via your cell phone or IM using networks like Facebook or GoogleTalk.

If you are looking for new ideas to get your teen to study more, why not give it a try?


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