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Wireless Toyz History

From the beginning…
Founded in 1995 by Joe Barbat, Wireless Toyz generated almost 95% of its revenue from the wireless paging industry. Two years later, the telecommunications industry turned in a new direction. Wireless phones were becoming more affordable and cell phones became an essential part of business and personal lives.

Anticipating the industry opportunities…
Wireless Toyz foresaw this emerging trend and began to focus their offering on cellular services. Their first service provider contract was with Ameritech Cellular. With an aggressive marketing approach and a core group of wireless experts, Wireless Toyz grew to become one of the largest cellular retailers in the Midwest for Ameritech Cellular and the five leading paging suppliers.

Pioneers of the retail wireless market…
In 1998, the wireless industry evolved yet again. New national cellular providers entered the marketplace to compete for market share dominance. Wireless Toyz recognized the enormous opportunity of providing multi-carrier choices to customers. By securing non-exclusive distribution agreements with major carriers, Wireless Toyz secured its position as one of the first non-exclusive wireless retailers in the country.

The first Wireless Toyz store…
In 1998, the first Wireless Toyz store opened in Ypsilanti, Michigan with immediate success. The store was dedicated to offering customers almost every cellular and satellite provider in one location. Wireless Toyz stores feature a modern design, specialized merchandise, branded signage and the latest Point-of-Purchase software. In less than twelve months, Wireless Toyz opened multiple locations throughout Southeast Michigan. Thousands of customers were enjoying the “one-stop” shopping experience as we helped them find the best provider to fit their personal or business needs.

Franchising begins…
In September 2001, Wireless Toyz began franchising to entrepreneurs who wanted to capitalize on the growth of the wireless industry. In July of 2003, Wireless Toyz began offering Master Franchise programs to qualified individuals to develop certain markets across the country.

Wireless Toyz Today
Less than 10% of wireless retailers offer more than three carriers to customers. Wireless Toyz is in the top 2% of all wireless retail stores with five carriers and two satellite providers.

Wireless Toyz continues to develop a unique and innovative structure for marketing cellular phones and satellite TV. Before Wireless Toyz, cellular phones could only be purchased directly from the carriers or large chain stores. Wireless Toyz has created an ideal alternative.

Wireless Toyz’ Competitive Advantages:

  • Knowledgeable wireless experts
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Most major brands in one location
  • Reliable after-sale care including training, repair and technical support
  • Competitive pricing
  • 72 locations operating in 11 states across the U.S.